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arch linux


Setup For Ubuntu

  1. Install git, xsel, vim, direnv, ag (sudo apt-get install git xsel vim direnv silversearcher-ag)
  2. Install keepassxc (sudo snap install keepassxc)
  3. Install go (sudo snap install --classic go)
  4. If installing on Mac, fix the missing backtick/tilde key ( and remap the cmd key to ctrl (
  5. Create directories in ${HOME} (mkdir {src,pkg,bin})
  6. Create ssh keys for github, bitbucket, etc. (
  7. Clone mna/dotfiles, install
  8. Clone mna/myvim into ~/.vim/
  9. Clone jimeh/git-aware-prompt
  10. Install vscode (

Setup For Arch

Setup For Mac

  1. Install Homebrew, Xcode
  2. From Homebrew (cask), install:
  3. Create ssh keys for github, bitbucket, etc. (
  4. Create directories in ${HOME} (mkdir {src,pkg,bin})
  5. Clone mna/dotfiles, install
  6. Clone mna/myvim into ~/.vim/
  7. Clone jimeh/git-aware-prompt

Configure Firefox

  1. Customize to remove bloat
  2. Install add-on VimFx
  3. Install add-on Instapaper
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