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A pure Go implementation of the Lua virtual machine.
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A pure Go implementation of the Lua virtual machine (v5.2).

Goals / Features

  • Run Lua code. Make every pure Lua code (without C calls outside of the standard libs) work as expected. Every lua binary chunk compiled using luac should work on Lune, unless it relies on the C API.
  • Implement the Lua standard libraries in Go. Make it transparent to Lua code.
  • Embeddable. This is a Go package, it can be embedded in any Go application.
  • Go-friendly. Just like Lua is the dynamic companion to C, Lune tries to bring this Batman and Robin camaraderie to Go. This means registering Go functions to be callable from Lua-on-Lune. This may be a port of the C API to Go, or something else that does more or less the same thing.

Current status

Dormant. Unstable. Ugly. Unsafe. Unfast.

A few things work, though, like ummm... loading and deserializing the binary chunks. On 64-bit little-endian architectures at least. And running some trivial programs (see ./vm/testdata). Closures that actually use the closed-over environment currently don't work (upvalues in Lua literature). Tail calls and variadic arguments and return values don't work. Metamethods are not there yet.


The BSD 3-Clause license, the same as the Go language. Lua itself is licensed under the MIT License.

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