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An example RESTful API application built with Martini.
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A RESTful API example with Martini

Install and run

To install this example application, run the usual:

go get

To run locally, it requires cert.pem and key.pem files (for TLS/https). You can generate the pair of files using this simple command, adapted to your environment for the GOROOT part:

go run /path/to/goroot/src/pkg/crypto/tls/generate_cert.go --host="localhost"

When running the API server (which will be named martini-api-example, in your $GOPATH/bin directory), it will look for the *.pem files in the current directory. You can adapt the code as you see fit, if you want to specify, for example, an absolute path (it is in server.go).

Blog post

This repository is the companion source code for my blog post on It shows how to build a RESTful API using the martini package. Please note that martini is currently a moving target, so please file an issue (or submit a PR) if the code doesn't work anymore with more recent versions of martini.


The BDS 3-clause license.

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