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experiment with the nim language
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Simple command-line app that recursively walks a directory (provided as argument) and computes the md5 hash of each file. Just to get a feel for nim and its concurrency story.

Running this on an Intel Chromebook on the Nimrod/lib source directory gives this:

real 0m0.457s
user 0m0.816s
sys  0m0.035s

A similar implementation in Go gives this (that arguably does more, as it checks for errors):

real 0m0.061s
user 0m0.050s
sys  0m0.011s

Running on the whole nim repo (C sources included) yields those results:


real 0m35.995s
user 1m1.480s
sys  0m4.163s


real 0m5.315s
user 0m2.188s
sys  0m5.873s

Of course I probably got a ton of things wrong in nim as this is my first go at it. As I understand it, nim's threadpool library uses OS threads instead of "green"/lightweight m:n threads, so that may explain part of it.

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