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Example Setup For Javascript Development

Run npm install in the root directory to install all dependencies. This setup is highly opinionated and personal, YMMV. Hopefully it will stay relevant for a couple weeks. It provides the following:

  • ES2015 support via babel (including polyfill)
  • Type-checking via flow
  • Linting via eslint
  • npm- and browserify-based build system (i.e. no gulp/grunt/etc.)
  • Templating via jade
  • CSS preprocessor via sass
  • Minified production builds for HTML, CSS and JS (via uglifyjs)
  • Separate javascript bundles for dependencies (e.g. babel-polyfill is in a separate file from the app's code)
  • Source maps generated for development build (CSS and JS)
  • Tests via mocha
  • Automatic cache-busting for production build via hashes of content in the filenames
  • Pre-commit hook that checks linting and type-checking errors

Directory Layout

  • / : configuration files
  • /src : the source files
  • /src/styles : the sass files
  • /src/js : the javascript (ES2015 with Flow type annotations) files
  • /src/templates : the jade templates
  • /src/templates/layouts : the layout templates ("master" templates from which pages inherit)
  • /src/templates/includes : includes jade files ("partials")
  • /build : the generated build files, HTML files are directly in this directory
  • /build/js : the generated (ES5, stripped of type annotations) javascript files
  • /build/css : the generated CSS files
  • /scripts : the bash scripts used for the various npm run-script commands
  • /misc : miscellaneous helper files (e.g. git hook)
  • /test : test files, run with npm test
  • /interfaces : flow third-party type definitions
  • /decls : flow type declarations common to the whole project

See the package.json file for the various run-script commands. Most interesting are probably npm run build (set NODE_ENV=production for minified builds), npm run watch and npm run test (or simply npm test).

Editor Support

For vim, install eslint and flow-bin globally and activate as checkers in syntastic to get errors on save. flow is probably too slow for this though.

Installed Libraries

In addition to the development dependencies, this setup installs the following (personal preferences):

  • redux (bundled separately from the app's code)
  • redux-thunk (bundled with redux)
  • deku (bundled separately from the app's code)
  • dscript (generic hyperscript, bundled with deku)
  • bulma (CSS framework)
  • font-awesome (linked from CDN in jade template)

File Sizes

The client-downloaded file sizes are as follows for the production build (minified) and served gzipped:

  • CSS (bulma): 13.1KB
  • babel-polyfill: 34.4KB
  • redux (+redux-thunk): 3.0KB
  • deku (+dscript): 7.6KB

For a total (excluding app's code, style and html) of 58.1KB.


The BSD 3-clause license.


Personal setup for javascript frontend projects.







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