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OTR Messaging Protocol [libotr3.2.1 emscripten] (otr3-em)
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OTR3-em - Off-the-Record Messaging [emscripten]

This module exposes a simple evented API which wraps around libotr3.2.1 compiled to javascript using the emscripten compiler.

Please consider moving to the newer otr4-em

You can install the module directly from npm registry:

npm install otr3-em

Important Note: The package includes an optimised/minified precompiled libotr3.js to simplify npm package installation. It is however NOT a recommended practice to download a precompiled crypto library for obvious security reasons.

See How-to build libotr3.js

The API aims to be identical to the native nodejs bindings module otr3

API Documentation

Howto use the module in the browser Tested in chrome only.



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