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Building the libotr4.js
1. [Setup Emscripten + LLVM clang compilers](
2. [Setup crypto-emscripten build script](
This will be used to compile libgpg-error,libgcrypt and libotr into bitcode.
In the root directory of crypto-emscripten folder, edit **** and set *LIBOTR_VERSION* to *4.1.0*.
Then run the build script.
3. Get the source of otr4-em and make the module.
git clone
cd otr4-em/
Either run:
make -e #this will use the environement variable exported in step 2 to locate crypto-emscripten
make CRYPTO_EMSCRIPTEN=/path/to/crypto-emscripten
4. Run a test
node examples/index.js