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TDMS for Ruby

TDMS is a binary file format for measurement data. It was created by National Instruments.

National Instruments software such as LabVIEW, DIAdem, and Measurement Studio support reading and writing TDMS files. NI also provides a DLL written in C for using TDMS files on Windows.

TDMS for Ruby was written to provide a convenient way to work with TDMS files on Unix-like platforms.

Current State

This library is very early in development but is complete enough to read the example TDMS file that comes with NI DIAdem.

  • Segments with interleaved measurements are not yet supported.
  • Segments with big endian data are not yet supported.
  • Writing TDMS files is not yet supported.


Mike Naberezny is the author of TDMS for Ruby. Development is sponsored by Maintainable.

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