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<title>OpenStreetMap bittorrent experimental planets</title>
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<font color="red">
This service has been shut down as of 2014-09-15.
There is not much use so the torrents don't give you much improved speed
anyway, and there is big delay before torrents are available since the
torrent is generated on my remote host and not directly on site where it would be much more efficient (see
OSM tickets <A HREF="">1725</a>
and <A HREF="">137</a>) than this
proof of concept. And bandwidth and disk space cost me (as does ocasional
fix to keep things working), and since not much people seem to use/seed this,
I have decided to shut it down. Thanks everybody for the ride!
Anyone willing to pick it up if welcome to do so, all the files are
<A HREF="files/">available here<a>.
<br>You can contact me at
<strong>mnalis-osmtorrent _AT_</strong> if you're interested in
picking this up.
What follows is for historical purposes only...
More information might (perhaps) be found at
<A HREF="">OSM wiki</A>
(also see <A HREF="">
talk page</A>). <br>
The planets are licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0 (older ones) and ODbL 1.0 (newer
ones, after Sep/2012).<br> More information about licensing can be found <A HREF="">here</A> <p>
There is now <A HREF="">
RSS feed</a> available for monitoring new torrents!<br>
(there are third-party instructions on
<a href="">
how to setup RSS with rtorrent</a>, or your bittorrent client may have RSS functionality
Or, you might simply want to download latest
<A HREF="files/planet-latest.osm.bz2.torrent">planet.osm.bz2.torrent</A>.
<A HREF="">&raquo;</a>
Alternatively, as of Feb/2012, smaller <A HREF="">PBF format</A> is available:
<A HREF="files/planet-latest.osm.pbf.torrent">planet.osm.pbf.torrent</A>.
<A HREF="">&raquo;</a>
<A HREF="">Bittorrent
client</A> which supports <A HREF="">webseed</A>
is recommended (but should not be required if everything is functioning down here :)
Or you may be using tool like <a href="">Osm2Garmin</a>
which integrates this functionality.<p>
Note: planet-120822 will be last planet to be licensed under CC-BY-SA, see <A HREF="">here</A> for more details.
<p>You can also download
<A HREF="files/">script</a>
used to make this torrent and RSS feed (requires
<A HREF="">bash</A>,
<A HREF="">wget</A>,
<A HREF="">fuser</A>,
<A HREF="">mktorrent</A>)
, or you can also browse <A HREF="files/">all the stuff<a> (for alternative
torrents, <A HREF="files/post-process.d">post-process stuff like RSS</a> etc)
Please direct all feedback to <strong>mnalis-osmtorrent _AT_</strong>
<br>(You can visit
<A HREF="">this site</A> via both
<A HREF="">IPv4</A> and
<A HREF="">IPv6</A>)