Azure logic apps for connecting evohome to various IoT platforms
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Azure logic apps for connecting evohome to various IoT data aggregation platforms


  • Currently only handles evohome accounts where there is a single location. If your account has more than one location, only the first will be processed.

#How to use?

  • First, sign up for Azure subscription (
  • create a new resource group and add an empty logic app.
  • Ultimately, you'll probably find that you need to use one of the standard hosting tariffs as anything less doesn't support 5 minute exection granularity.
  • grab the file. This contains the core code to pull the sensor data from Honeywell. You must enter your username and password in the paramaters at the top.
  • Fetch one or more of the "connector" actions - ive created them for, and
  • add this data to pullDataFromHoneywell.json. You can add more than one action (e.g. push data to any or all 3 services if you like), just remember to put a comma between each action.