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A bookmarklet to read the machine tags on Flickr photo pages in order to get the associated geo information

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Author: Nolan Caudill
Date: 2010/12/05
License: BSD

This is a bookmarklet to use Flickr's machine tag to pull in the geodata. This is much more impressive when the geodata itself is not already on the page.

This project is very alpha--there is very little error-checking. It also only works on semi-modern browsers that support JS's querySelectorAll.

This project was completely inspired by Aaron Cope's post.

Currently supported machine tags:

  • foodspotting
  • foursquare
  • (both events and venues)
  • upcoming
  • dopplr
  • openplaques
  • aero

Check out the project page for the draggable bookmarklet. Note: this bookmarklet also adds an enplacified:by machine tag, just in case other applications start using non-geo metadata to add geo information (per a suggestion by Aaron).

A good first page to look at is Flickr's own, Chris Martin: Foodspotting example

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