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React Time Machine

This is a clone of Ember time machine by @offirgolan, built with React, Redux, and React-Router v3, bootstrapped with Create React App, with a Time Machine built on the Redux DevTools API.

Running locally

From the root directory:

yarn install
yarn start

Running tests

Tests are located in the /test directory. They're run with Mocha using Chai matchers.

npm test # or npm run test:watch

Component Layout

Component Diagram


I left some commented-out code in the Tasks reducer and Task component, which I wrote for an earlier version of the drag-and-drop that inserted tasks at indexes on drop. That differed from the Ember version which swaps cards on hover, so the current version is made to match the Ember one. All buttons and inputs are pure CSS, so there's no JavaScript front-end magic except in the Profile component to get the inputs to show and labels to move. Some warnings in the console come from the recent React patch & different libraries not yet having caught up to the changes (see this thread for example).

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