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This repository

In addition to my interests in science and computing, I have a deep interest in music, especially synthesizers, and recording techniques.

My Rig

My current rig is powered of my 15" Core i5 MacBook pro



Other Hardware

Sample Libraries

In addition to factory libraries for Kontakt, Kore 2, Battery etc

  • Outer Limits (Kontakt)
  • Kontakt Experience (Kontakt)
  • Absynth Twilights (Kore)
  • Pure Tabla



  • Quneo 3D to replace the Launchpad
  • Nord Stage 2. Something like the Korg Kronos is an option as well.
  • Logic Express (or perhaps Logic Studio). Need something for final multi-track mixing and mastering and also sample editing.
  • iMac to replace the MBP
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