GNURadio OOT module with tools for satellite decoding
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pybombs recipe

category: common
- gnuradio
- zeromq
source: git+
gitbranch: master
inherit: cmake
description: GNURadio OOT module with tools for satellite decoding

manual build

System should meet the following dependencies:

  • gnuradio >=3.7.12
  • zeromq (optional)

Follow the usual GNURadio OOT module installation steps:

mkdir build/
cd build
cmake ../
make -j4
make install

NOTE: There is a CMake option to disable ZeroMQ-dependent blocks, in case you do not need them:



see examples/ directory


ASM+Golay Decoder

ASM+Golay Decoder block

Decoder for ASM+Golay mode.

  • Input: raw bitstream from the demodulator in unpacked bytes (1 bit/byte).

  • Output: messages containing CSP packets, which can be fed to the CSP zmqhub PUB sink block.

This is a hierarchical block roughly equivalent to the following blocks.

ASM+Golay Decoder Internals

Async CRC32-Castagnoli

Computes or checks CRC32-Castagnoli in async messages.

Golay24 Decoder

Block used for header decoding in ASM+Golay mode. Expects 24 unpacked bits in the input port, which then are decoded using extended binary Golay code.

  • If decoding is successful, a message is sent with a dictionary containing all tags from the input and a frame_len pair containing the frame length in bits.
  • If decoding fails, a PMT_F message is sent.

Reed-Solomon CCSDS Decoder

Decodes async messages using CCSDS Reed-Solomon variant (NO dual-basis representation).

CSP zmqhub PUB sink

This block depends on ZeroMQ. Connects PDUs containing CSP packets to a zmqhub interface from libcsp.