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Ideas to implement

[x] Show the lines of code for one commit 
[x] Show lines of unit tests
[x] Show lines of functional tests
[x] Show lines of integration tests
[x] Build graph for the last 5 commits hardcoded
[x] Build graph for the whole repo
[x] Reset the repo so it will work multiple times
[x] Store commit line counts in a map so we don't have to recalculate each time
[x] Store commit line counts permanently somewhere
[x] Check out the code from the repo initially instead of assuming it's in /tmp/core
[x] Store the line counts for hashes when they've calculated so they don't have to be re-calculated each time
[x] Show ratio of test to code on graph
[x] Get mongo to load all the hashes instead of one at a time
[x] Show the dates of the commits along the x axis
[x] Put in underscore.js
[x] Put the legend somewhere less obtrusive
[x] How to configure the repo that we get stats for
[x] Try git reset HEAD before starting so commits don't get skipped
[x] Return uday.txt from a call to a local url
[x] Download the csv from go server
[x] Parse csv and send data as JSON to browser
[x] Create graph with data from csv
[x] Stop gitRepository variable being used absolutely everywhere - want to make it a timestamp directory
[x] Aliases for names when people check in with different names
[x] Show the people who have paired at some stage
[x] Parameterise the name
[x] Get all the people who have paired
[x] Print out which commits are not matching as a pair
[x] Show the number of commits a pair did together
[x] Show the date they last paired with a person
[x] Split the dashboard into tabs with pair stuff on one/graphs on another
[x] Sort the table by date
[x] Highlight the pair that checked in the most that day
[x] Order names alphabetically on the top menu
[x] How to get google chart js offline
[] Use weighted average to show commits per pairing
[] Get all the stats we have per person for all pair combinations
[] Work out why Andreas commits are showing up as a Saturday
[x] Show when commits happen across the day
[] Show which files changed the most
[] Show the first commit of a person so we know when they started on the project
[] Average commits per day
[] Include aim in the stats
[] Tidy up the code in index.jade - pure hackery
[] Show commits done as a lone ranger
[] People you paired with since the last time you paired with 'x'
[] Fix the regex to pick up all the people
[] Show the most popular pairs
[] Trend line on the graph
[] Show iteration by iteration stats in numbers rather than graphs
[] Pull out some of the code into own modules
[] Stats for more than one repo
[] Show the commits and their message on the graph
[] Ability to update mongo to add new metrics instead of tearing down each time 
[] Look at why mongo hangs
[] Look at the Mongo DNS error if it happens again
[] Add code coverage for each hash
[] Configure how long the graph is shown for
[] Bubble chart showing size of commits
[] Store the repository that the stats belong to
[] Introduce the Step library and get it working on lines of code stuff
[] Configure it to be able to ignore certain directories
[] Configure to be able to do different languages
[] Show the graph for individual files as well as for the whole code base
[] Make it possible to search for the files that can be graphed

// git log --no-merges --pretty="format:%s" --name-only | ack "^src" | sort | uniq -c | sort -n