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SparrowBones Xcode 4 Template

UPDATE: Sparrow 1.3 has now been released and it includes an updated and significantly enhanced AppScaffold project which makes most of the reasons to use SparrowBones redundant. I recommend you use the official AppScaffold project as a starting point now, rather than SparrowBones.

I'll probably keep updating this for a little while, but I doubt I'll extend it much beyond bug fixes.

It'll be all redundant when Sparrow Framework 2 comes out later this year anyway :)

These are simple templates for producing Sparrow-Framework based games on iOS.

NOTE: At the moment, Starling doesn't compile if ARC (Automatic reference counting) is enabled, so if you are using Xcode 4.2, make sure you uncheck the 'Use Automatic Reference Counting' checkbox when creating a new project.


The templates should work with Xcode 4.1 and 4.2. I think they work with Xcode 4.0 as well, but unfortunately I don't have an installation to test on. If you use Xcode 4.0, and it works, please send me a message to let me know :)


After cloning this repository, run the installation script in the root of the repository:

git clone git://
cd SparrowBones

It makes sure your Xcode template folder exists, tries to work out which version of Xcode you have, and then creates a symlink in the Xcode templates directory to the appropriate folder in the repository, 4.1 or 4.2.

Using The Template

There are 2 templates provided:

  • Game with Sparrow source copied. Use this if you want the easiest way to start a new project. After the wizard you can dive right in. It copies a version of Sparrow-Framework into the project directory (current SHA: b1220ee).

  • Game with Sparrow source linked. This template requires you to perform some minor post creation configuration. When you create a new project the link to Sparrow.xcodeproj will appear in RED. To fix this, follow the instructions in the README.txt file in the Sparrow group.

Once you've chosen, the place to start is in <your game name>/<your game name>ViewController.m. Follow the comments and you should be sorted.

Updating The Template

Updating the templates code is easy. It's just a git repository, so this should work:

cd SparrowBones
git pull origin master

NOTE: This only affects newly created projects. There's no easy way to update all your existing projects.