Antennatool to visualy learn about phased array antennas & antenna plots (Java Swing)
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Antennatool to visualy learn about phased array antennas antenna plots.


This is a graphical tool to visualize linear antenna array diagramms. It is meant to be a toy to play around with different parameters and explore the topic of antenna arrays.

What it can do

visualize linear antenna arrays

  • number of antennas 1 - 100
  • variable distance between antennas
  • 3 different antenna types (isotropic, dipole)
  • reflector broadside and endfire
  • linear phased array
  • sidelobe suppression using various window functions (Chebyshev, binomial, cosine)

visualize circular antenna arrays

  • number of antennas 1 - 100
  • variable radius

User interface

donut_1.png donut_2.png

Setting up the project

External Classes (Libraries)

<classpathentry kind="lib" path=".../libraries/apache-commons/commons-math3-3.6.1/commons-math3-3.6.1.jar"/>
<classpathentry kind="lib" path=".../libraries/jfreechart-1.0.19/lib/jfreechart-1.0.19.jar"/>
<classpathentry kind="lib" path=".../libraries/jfreechart-1.0.19/lib/jcommon-1.0.23.jar"/>

The tutorial feature uses a JavaFX Brower to display html pages. Under Eclipse, set the following rules to access the JavaFX libraries:

Project Properties > Java Build Path > JRE System Library > Access rules > Add

Accessible javafx/**
Accessible con/sun/javafx/application/**


This was a project (P2E) at the university of applied sciences northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) for the major in electronical engineering.

Project Lead

  • Dagelet Patrice


  • Burkhardt Simon
  • Stadlin Christian


  • Enderlin Stefan
  • Studer Mischa
  • Frey Fabian
  • Läderach Reto

©2018 Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz Hochschule für Technik - P2E FS18 Team 1

Licenesed under MIT License