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Volatility memory forensics plugin for extracting Windows DNS Cache
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dnscache is a plugin for the Volatility Memory Forensics Platform to extract the Windows DNS Resolver Cache.

The plugin will try to download the .pdb file from microsoft for the dnsrslvr.dll. This behavior can be avoided by providing the file your self.


                          Use this proxy to download .PDB file
      -D DUMP_DIR, --dump_dir=DUMP_DIR
                          Dump directory for .PDB file
                          Server to download .PDB file from
                          Allows you to download the .PDB file off system and
                          provide the reference on the command line
                          Provide path to the cabextract system utility
                          Provide dnsrslvr.dll from the file system.

The plugin will provide more information if the volatility --verbose flag is set (among other things, this will output the download link for the .pdb file if the dnsrslvr.dll is not paged)

% --verbose dnscache -D dump/


Copy the to your plugins directory or point volatility to your checkout directory


% --plugins=/home/geir/src/dnscache dnscache


  • construct (pdbparse dependency) (Feb. 12 2017, see
  • pefile
  • pdbparse
  • requests
  • cabextract (system utility)

Known issues

See the file.


See the file.



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dnscache is released under the ISC License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.

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