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This project is a bit of a mess right now as I'm half way through cutting across from C to MicroPython. I know I've just talked about it at PyCon AU, but if you're interested in contributing, please give me a couple of weeks to tidy up!


A visual dataflow language for educational robots, with a graphical editor which runs in your web browser.


I've been playing with educational robot programming environments and had some thoughts on how they could be improved, so this is an implementation of those ideas.

FloBot runs on the ESP8266 <> platform and serves up its graphical program editor via a built in webserver. No software needs to be installed on PCs, and it works with any modern browser on PCs or tablets.

FloBot is compatible with NodeMCU (you can buy these on Ebay) or Ciril (my other project) hardware.


I'm doing this in a kind of document-driven-design kind of way, so here's some initial docs which describe features some of which don't exist yet:

Developers Documents:

Live Demo

There's no robot attached, but you can see the GUI working here:

Example Screenshot