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  • Constant inputs and control inputs
  • Display of port values on screen. [50%]
  • Websockets for continous updates of display
  • Component chooser [KIND OF STARTED]
  • Saving programs somehow, to localStorage and/or the espfs.
  • Boolean vs. Float types. Bools can be little squares instead of little circles. Only ports of the same types can connect. [DONE]
  • Variadic components, eg: ADD, AND, OR.
  • Ternary IF(condition, value1, value2) block, somehow. Also AND, OR, NOT, etc.
  • Handle overflow/underflow
  • Handle divide by zero
  • Asynchronous blocks like "delay".
  • kinematics stuff like differentiation and slew rate limiting
  • Fix cycle culling algorithm.
  • Permissible ranges, eg: motor drivers might have range [-100,100] where the range sensor has range [5, 120].