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Code Samples of Mybatis For Scala Beta2

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Mybatis for Scala (beta2) :: Code Samples

Just clone it and run with SBT.


  • select/SelectSample.scala

    Select a list of beans and print some data.

  • resultmap/SelectWithResultmapSample.scala

    Select a graph of beans using a ResultMap

  • performance/ProfileTest.scala

    Select one million rows. Fisrt load it into memory, then load it one by one to save memory.

  • delete/DeleteSample.scala

    Delete some beans.

  • crud/*

    Create-Retrieve-Update-Delete example.

  • insert/InsertSample.scala

    Simple insertion example.

  • insert/InsertSampleBatch.scala

    Simple insertion example with batch excecutor.

  • update/UpdateSample.scala

    Update some beans.

  • nestedselect/NestedSelectSample.scala

    Fetch associations with nested selects. Just for illustration.

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