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Omgrofl Compiler

Compiler/interpreter for Omgrofl.


Well, compile this little beast:


Installation to a folder of your choice is also possible (might require "root" privileges):

make DESTDIR=/usr install

Quite difficult, wasn't it?

Compiling Omgrofl

Yet to be done...

Interpreting Omgrofl

After the initial compiling of the interpreter you can either run in interactive mode using:


Then simply type away your commands.

Or you can run an already existing source file:

./omgrofl sourcefile.omgrofl

No need for special extensions, a shebang, or anything like that...

Shebangs are supported by the way! Any line matching the pattern #!/.+/omgrofl is ignored from parsing (no spaces allowed there!). So as long as you have installed it under the name "omgrofl" you are ready to go!

Language Support

Supported statements

Everything is case-insensitive!

Multiple statements per line are allowed. Only a comment has to be followed by a linebreak.

// assignment
lool iz 72
loool to /dev/null
lol iz lool

// comments
w00t laughing at teh codez

// incrementing/decrementing
lmao lool
roflmao lool

// stack/queue (deque commands)
haxor loool
l33t loool
n00b loool

// output
rofl lol

// sleeping
afk lool
afk 250

// program termination

// multi-statement lines
lol iz 79 rofl lol lol iz 75 rofl lol

Unsupported statements

// conditions
wtf lool iz liek loool

wtf lol iz nope uber 100

// input
stfw lol

// looping

4 lol iz 0 2 10

These will however get implemented in the near (or far...) future.


See omgrofl-examples.