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* OgScaffolder: cache fields
* LiteralMethodCallback: use a simple symbol instead?
* brushes.rb: tags as constants
* live updates
* transactions
* use it with databases
* diverting html-renderer
* Add unit-tests for new global/local decorations
* MessageBox: Buttons: OK_Cancel, YES_NO, Confirm
* req-handler gc interval
* use LiteralMethod object instead of block if callback(:method_name) is given
* log requests
* call method #backtrack from backtrack_state. you don't need to call super for #backtrack (at least for direct subclasses of Component).
* call method #setup from initialize. same reason as for #backtrack.
* initialize the component inside the handler thread, not from within Session#initialize
* renamexxx_chain methods to: component_xxx, e.g.
- process_callbacks/process_callback_chain to process_callbacks/component_process_callbacks
- ... to backtrack_state/component_backtrack_state
- render/render_chain to render/component_render
* callback -> core, how is the callback registry best done?
* Context.... reduce
* root_for -> script style etc.
* Application == Dispatcher... collection of Session classes (or RequestHandlers)
* file-comments != class-comments... remove them
application.template_manager = {
My => {'html' =>'view/html/file.tmpl'), 'wap' =>'view/wap/file.tmpl')}
either this way, or reversed: flavour/style => template-manager
class My < TemplatedComponent
def action_blah
def action_blub
attr_accessor :blah
# run-time
def template_flavour['style'] || 'html'
<form action="__action_blah">
<input name="__input__blah">
__action and __input get replaced
* unify RequestHandler/Session
* Wee = Web Engineering made Easy
callback.rb -> core
context -> core?
Wee::Callback: abstract
* values -> default_values
* invoke -> call/[]
overthink CallbackStream
CallbackStream abstracts from the Request.
use only blocks as callbacks.
* different models:
M = Model, V = View, C = Controller
M: e.g. use ActiveRecord as model
V: use external templates
C: Wee::Component
MC: Wee::Component
V: external template
MVC: Wee::Component
* callbacks.create_callback_stream -> create_stream
* better webrick
* AbstractSession:
last_access: time of last access
expires_after: expires after n seconds of inactivity ( - last_access > expires_after) if expires_after.not_nil?
expires_after = n_seconds
max_lifetime: how long may this session run in total? nil == infinity
max_lifetime =
Session#terminate: quits a session
Application also stores other RequestHandlers. Session is one RequestHandler.
class RequestHandler
attr_reader :application
attr_reader :last_access
attr_accessor :expires_after, :max_lifetime
def alive?
returns true if it should not be terminated
* Decoration#owner: use a ValueHolder, too. and register it for being backtracked.
* mark_objects_for_backtracking() instead of state-registry (snapshot_objects)
* improve error messages
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