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Commits on Jan 31, 2005
  1. docs uploaded

    mneumann committed
  2. some tags added

    mneumann committed
Commits on Jan 30, 2005
  1. fixed docu

    mneumann committed
Commits on Jan 29, 2005
  1. upload docs

    mneumann committed
  2. use Wee::Presenter

    mneumann committed
  3. * fixed bug in OgScaffolder due to the former additional_args modific…

    mneumann committed
    * moved skeletons out of bin/wee into directory lib/wee/skeleton
    * template :render_blah_blah will use "component.tpl-blah-blah"
  4. * Added ERB-templating. Example:

    mneumann committed
    	    # file: ~/components/main.rb
    	    class Test < Wee::Component
    	      # use template '~/components/main.tpl'
    	      template :render
    	      # use template '~/components/main.tpl-buttons'
    	      template :render_buttons
    	  This allows you to use ERB-templates instead of the render_XXX
    	  methods. You can also call render_XXX methods from ERB, back and
    	  forth. The template file is relative to the file from which the
    	  'template :symbol' call is executed. The template method optionally
    	  takes the two hash-parameters :file and :property.
    	* Added "Pageless" mode. In pageless mode, the URL displayed in your
    	  browser always looks like "/app". The session id is stored as cookie
    	  and there is no page_id, hence "pageless" mode. No backtracking is
    	  performed! Example:
    	    require 'wee/pageless'
    	    app = Wee::Utils.app_for(YourMainComponent,
    	      :session => Wee::PagelessSession,
    	      :application => Wee::PagelessApplication)
    	      register('/app' => app).
    	* Wee::Session: use #set_response, so that subclass of Wee::Session can more
    	  easily modify a response (e.g. add cookies or HTTP headers).
  5. fixed bug. __inputXXX and __actionXXX methods were private and were a…

    mneumann committed
    to methods that must be public.
  6. * Wee::LiteralMethodCallback and Component#call: Additional arguments

    mneumann committed
    	  are now prepended instead of appended. Example:
    	    call'msg'), :confirm, 1
    	    def confirm(one, msgbox_result) 
    	* Added named callbacks. Example:
    	    r.anchor.named_callback('test') { ... }
    	  will use 'test' as callback_id instead of a generic one.
    	* Methods ImageTag#src_for and GenericTagBrush#css_class_for no more
    	  prepend 'img.' or 'css.' in front of the property name. 
    	* Refactored wee/renderer/html/brushes.rb. Removed InputCallbackMixin,
    	  ActionCallbackMixin and ActionURLCallbackMixin modules. Instead the
    	  GenericTagBrush has methods __input_callback, __action_callback etc.
    	  which are aliased in the corresponding Brush classes. Also made the 
    	  SelectList callback marshallable.
Commits on Jan 28, 2005
  1. * Method Wee::WEBrickAdaptor.request_class added. This allows you to

    mneumann committed
    	  use a custom request class for your application or even a different
    	  one for each registered application. Also added cookie support.
    	* Added method Wee::Utils.autoreload_glob which is faster than
    	  #autoreload as it does not traverse the whole LOAD_PATH.
    	* Wee::Response: added cookies
  2. * Removed method Wee::Session#current_page and replaced it by

    mneumann committed
    	* Wee::Session no longer applies a snapshot if the snapshot equals the current 
    	  state of the components tree 
    	* removed duplicate code from continuation/session.rb
  3. * added register_named_for method.

    mneumann committed
  4. * added autoreload_glob to the run.rb template

    mneumann committed
  5. * added 'wee' binary which generates a sample application and

    mneumann committed
    	  recommended directory structure for you (similar to the 'rails' command).
Commits on Jan 27, 2005
  1. * Method Wee::Utils.app_for: Removed the id_seed option. Use id_gen

    mneumann committed
    	  instead, which expects a IdGenerator object (default is now the much more
    	  secure Md5IdGenerator). 
    	* Wee::Request: Refactored a lot. Use =/ instead of @ as delimeter for
    	  the request_handler_id/page_id part ('@' looks ugly in Konqueror, as
    	  it is displayed as '%40')
    	* Wee::Application: Don't send a RedirectResponse when no
    	  request_handler_id was given. This wasn't neccessary and would
    	  break when introducing cookies.
  2. * renamed wee/idgen.rb to wee/idgen/simple.rb and

    mneumann committed
    	  wee/md5_idgen.rb to wee/idgen/md5.rb
  3. * Component#add_decoration returns now self. Example where this is

    mneumann committed
    	    app = Wee::Utils.app_for {
 "Hello World"))
Commits on Jan 26, 2005
  1. *

    mneumann committed
  2. *

    mneumann committed
  3. upload rdoc

    mneumann committed
  4. * Raised version up to 0.5.0 (nearing a release)

    mneumann committed
    	* Fixed test cases.
  5. * updated docs

    mneumann committed
    	* made Component#call's marshallable by using an object of class
    	  Wee::Component::OnAnswer instead of a Proc.  
    	* Moved all continuation-dependent code into directory
    	  wee/continuation. By default Wee uses no continuations, you have to
    	  require 'wee/continuation' to enable them.
  6. new stress-suite

    mneumann committed
  7. *

    mneumann committed
  8. renamed

    mneumann committed
  9. initial creation

    mneumann committed
  10. * If you pass nil to an attribute method of a Brush, e.g.

    mneumann committed
    	  This will remove the 'width' attribute from the tag.
    	* Method HtmlCanvas#javascript added:
    	    # external javascript resource
    	    # internal javascript 
    	    r.javascript.with('function js() { ... }')
    	* Method Presenter.uses_property added. Used to declare required
    	  properties. This has actually no effect. It's sole purpose is to 
    	  describe the dependencies.
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