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The PicoHomeComputer project is intended to make it possible to build a simple but fully functional (home) computer completely by yourself. The project is also intended as teaching project to show what hardware and software is needed to build a computer from scratch.

With the documentation in this project it is possible to use the board, buy the needed electronic parts and then mount and solder the electronic parts on the board. After that one can install the software/firmware and connect periphery like keyboard, mouse and monitor to the board and run and use the computer. The PicoHomeComputer has all the functionality of a home computer from the 80ies and even a litle bit more, for example the computer can be connected via LAN to the internet.

Board V 1.0

Technical specifications

  • Processor: PIC32 microcontroller (MIPS based, PIC32MX270F256B), optional: ESP32 from espressif
    • CPU clock speed: 48 MHz
    • RAM: 64 kByte
    • ROM: 256 kByte
  • (S)RAM: 1 MBit = 128 kByte via SPI Bus (23LC1024)
  • SD card interface via SPI Bus
  • LAN interface via SPI Bus (ENC28J60)
  • Real Time Clock via I2C Bus (DS1307)
  • IO Processor (Propeller P8X32A from Parallax)
    • VGA output
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • Audio

Conections for periphery

  • VGA monitor interface
  • PS/2 for keyboard
  • PS/2 for mouse
  • Audio interface
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • SD card interface
  • 10 MBit LAN interface
  • 2x RS232 interface
  • Extension slot with voltages, I2C Bus and SPI Bus
  • Powersupply interface (for a 7-12 Volt power supply)


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Pico Home Computer, a do it yourself (DIY) home computer






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