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Unicode Parser

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What is Unicode Parser

Unicode Parser unicodeparser is a client-side mod (CSM) for Minetest. It allows you write unicode codepoint in either \uXXXX format or \0xXXXX format then it will convert to real text string of that codepoint and send it out on public chat. Both GUI and CLI now available.


Intended use

This CSM is used as a workaround of the inability to use Input Method Editors (IME) on Minetest, especially for Windows users as I could use IME on Android version of Minetest but not on Windows version.

This CSM could also be used by certain Ubuntu version users who couldn't paste text in Minetest (where the paste text appears as codepoints and not real text).

How to use

As workaround of IME

If you use Windows, run the included exe file under tools folder, or else run the Python2 script file under tools folder, then write the usual text using your IME into the "Input" field, then just enter and the output codepoint will be copied to your clipboard.

In game, to use GUI then send .ug and a formspec will appear asking for input, paste (Ctrl-V) the codepoint and click on "Say". To use CLI then send .uc followed by the unicode codepoint that was copied from the tool earlier.

As workaround of paste problem

The codepoint appeared when you paste into Minetest itself is supposedly already in the format supported by the CSM, so you don't need to run any tools.

In game, to use GUI then send .ug and directly paste in the input, then click "Say". To use CLI then send .uc followed by the unicode codepoint you want to convert.

CSM in action

GUI version and as workaround of IME:

GUI In Action

CLI version and as workaround of paste problem:

CLI In Action

To do

  • Include translation support (which seems to be impossible right now because CSM can't access other files)

It does not work!

Chat appear as empty or as boxes

Please change your Minetest font to something that actually have support for language you're using, for example, change it to Noto Sans CJK JP if you're writing Japanese.

It says "Character conversion failed!"

The server is running as ASCII or other non-Unicode locale, there's nothing you can do to fix this.


(C) Yaya MNH48 and contributors

Licensed under The MIT License, see LICENSE.txt.



  • Fix for Minetest 5.3.0
  • Add error message for servers that restricted usage of CSM that sends chat messages


  • The tool now convert the codepoint when you press enter after writing the text, so you don't need to click the button "Convert" anymore, but the button is still there for compatibility reasons.
  • The tool now copies the converted codepoint to your clipboard when ypu enter or press the "Convert" button, so you don't need to manually copy (Ctrl-C) anymore.
  • Added link to GitHub at the tool.
  • The tools now have icon, which is modified from Minetest icon.
  • Added Windows executable for the tool so that those who don't have Python2 would not need to install it just to use the tool.
  • Additional thanks to the following people who either tested the Windows executable file or given some advice to me:
    • Heathcliff#0001 (Anime Trending Discord server)
    • Fidoze#7037 (Anime Trending Discord server)
    • Aqo#5414 (A.I. Channel Unofficial Discord server)
    • xnamkcor#3740 (A.I. Channel Unofficial Discord server)

(Note: I purposely ask people not from Minetest community to test it because I don't want biased feedback.)


  • Added support for \uXXXX unicode escape in addition to the existing \0xXXXX unicode sequence.
  • Added command .uc for command line interface, this means those who don't want to use the GUI can now straight away write the unicode escape in chat.
  • Updated README to reflect the changes.


  • The original initial release.