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[{"question": "Who married the Prince of Wales in 2005?",
"answers": ["Camilla Parker Bowles"]},
{"question": "Who was the first woman to climb the mountain K2?",
"answers": ["Wanda Rutkiewicz"]},
{"question": "Who replied 'because it's there' when asked why he was climbing Mount Everest?",
"answers": ["George Mallory", "George Leigh Mallory"]},
{"question": "Who was the drummer for the Beatles?",
"answers": ["Ringo Starr"]},
{"question": "Who was the lead guitarist for the Beatles",
"answers": ["George Harrison?"]},
{"question": "Who was the bass guitarist for the band Nirvana?",
"answers": ["Krist Novoselic"]},
{"question": "Who wrote 'The Waste Land'?",
"answers": ["T. S. Eliot", "Thomas Stearns Eliot"]},
{"question": "Who won the 1994 Formula One Grand Prix championship?",
"answers": ["Michael Schumacher"]},
{"question": "Who is the current Secretary General of the United Nations?",
"answers": ["Ban Ki-moon"]},
{"question": "Who won the 1957 Nobel Prize in Literature?",
"answers": ["Albert Camus"]},
{"question": "Who was Premier of Queensland in 1980?",
"answers": ["Joh Bjelke-Petersen", "Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen", "Johannes Bjelke-Petersen"]},
{"question": "Who was the first female Prime Minister of Australia?",
"answers": ["Julia Gillard"]},
{"question": "Who won the 1962 soccer World Cup?",
"answers": ["Brazil"]},
{"question": "Who painted 'Guernica'?",
"answers": ["Picasso", "Pablo Picasso"]},
{"question": "Who invented PageRank",
"answers": ["Larry Page", "Larry Page and Sergey Brin"]},
{"question": "Who created the Science Citation Index?",
"answers": ["Eugene Garfield"]},
{"question": "Who directed the movie 'American Graffiti'?",
"answers": ["George Lucas"]},
{"question": "Who directed the movie 'The Godfather'?",
"answers": ["Francis Ford Coppola"]},
{"question": "Who wrote the book 'The English Patient'?",
"answers": ["Michael Ondaatje"]},
{"question": "Who played the Joker in the 1989 movie Batman?",
"answers": ["Jack Nicholson"]},
{"question": "Who was the captain of the Titanic?",
"answers": ["Edward Smith"]},
{"question": "Who was the first person in space?",
"answers": ["Yuri Gargarin"]},
{"question": "Who was the first woman in space?",
"answers": ["Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova", "Valentina Tereshkova"]},
{"question": "Who set the long jump world record at the 1968 Olympics?",
"answers": ["Bob Beamon"]},
{"question": "Who created Pokemon?",
"answers": ["Satoshi Tajiri"]},
{"question": "Who led the Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb?",
"answers": ["Oppenheimer", "Robert Oppenheimer", "J. Robert Oppenheimer"]},
{"question": "Who was American President in 1864?",
"answers": ["Lincoln", "Abraham Lincoln"]},
{"question": "Who directed '2001: a Space Odyssey'?",
"answers": ["Stanley Kubrick"]},
{"question": "Who was the first Prime Minister of India?",
"answers": ["Jawaharlal Nehru", "Nehru"]},
{"question": "Who led India to independence?",
"answers": ["Gandhi", "Mohandas Gandhi", "Mahatma Gandhi"]},
{"question": "Who was the mightiest of the Valar?",
"answers": ["Morgoth", "Melkor"]},
{"question": "Who is Prime Minister of Russia?",
"answers": ["Dmitry Medvedev"]},
{"question": "Who was the first General Secretary of the Soviet Union?",
"answers": ["Stalin", "Joseph Stalin"]},
{"question": "Who has the highest test cricket batting average?",
"answers": ["Don Bradman", "Bradman", "Donald Bradman", "Sir Don Bradman", "Sir Donald Bradman"]},
{"question": "Who was the last .400 hitter in baseball?",
"answers": ["Ted Williams"]},
{"question": "Who invented the telephone?",
"answers": ["Philipp Reis"]},
{"question": "Who was the first Emperor of Rome?",
"answers": ["Augustus", "Caesar Augustus"]},
{"question": "Who founded Rome?",
"answers": ["Romulus and Remus", "Remus and Romulus"]},
{"question": "Who wrote 'Watership Down'?",
"answers": ["Richard Adams"]},
{"question": "Who was the great composer born in 1685?",
"answers": ["Bach", "Johann Sebastian Bach"]},
{"question": "Who wrote the Harry Potter novels?",
"answers": ["J. K. Rowling", "Joanne Rowling", "Jo Rowling", "Joanne K. Rowling"]},
{"question": "Who wrote the song 'Help!'?",
"answers": ["Lennon and McCartney", "Lennon-McCartney", "John Lennon and Paul McCartney", "John Lennon"]},
{"question": "Who wrote most of the lyrics for 'Love Me Tender'?",
"answers": ["Ken Darby"]},
{"question": "Who was Prime Minister of Australia in 1943?",
"answers": ["John Curtin"]},
{"question": "Who was Prime Minister of England in 1943?",
"answers": ["Winston Churchill"]},
{"question": "Who won the World Chess Championship in 1960?",
"answers": [" Mikhail Tal"]},
{"question": "Who produced most of U2's albums?",
"answers": ["Brian Eno"]},
{"question": "Who directed 'Star Wars'?",
"answers": ["George Lucas"]},
{"question": "Who composed Beethoven's Fifth Symphony",
"answers": ["Beethoven", "Ludvig van Beethoven"]},
{"question": "Who wrote 'Hamlet'?",
"answers": ["Shakespeare", "William Shakespeare"]},
{"question": "Who was the male star in 'Casablanca'?",
"answers": ["Humphrey Bogart"]},
{"question": "Who turned down Humphrey Bogart's role in 'Casablanca'?",
"answers": ["George Raft"]},
{"question": "Who directed 'Seven Samurai'?",
"answers": ["Akira Kurosawa"]},
{"question": "Who invented Smalltalk?",
"answers": ["Alan Kay", "Dan Ingalls", "Alan Kay and Dan Ingalls",
"Dan Ingalls and Alan Kay"]},
{"question": "Who killed Caesar?",
"answers": ["Brutus", "Marcius Junius Brutus"]},
{"question": "Who killed Christopher Marlowe?",
"answers": ["Ingram Frizer"]},
{"question": "Who discovered Uranus?",
"answers": ["William Herschel", "Sir William Herschel"]},
{"question": "Who wrote the Aubrey-Maturin books?",
"answers": ["Patrick O'Brian"]},
{"question": "Who was the star of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'?",
"answers": ["Sarah Michelle Gellar"]},
{"question": "Who first broke the sound barrier?",
"answers": ["Chuck Yeager"]},
{"question": "Who won the first modern Olympic marathon?",
"answers": ["Spiridon Louis"]},
{"question": "Who was lead developer on the IBM Watson system?",
"answers": ["David Ferrucci"]},
{"question": "Who is the Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation?",
"answers": ["Mark Surman"]},
{"question": "Who first recorded the song 'Material Girl'?",
"answers": ["Madonna"]},
{"question": "Who wrote the song 'Hallelujah'?",
"answers": ["Leonard Cohen"]},
{"question": "Who won the 1500 meters men's freestyle swimming at the 1992 Olympics?",
"answers": ["Kieran Perkins"]},
{"question": "Who first voiced Kermit the Frog?",
"answers": ["Jim Henson"]},
{"question": "Who first voiced the muppet Fozzie Bear?",
"answers": ["Frank Oz"]},
{"question": "Who voiced Yoda in 'The Empire Strikes Back'?",
"answers": ["Frank Oz"]},
{"question": "Who has won the most men's singles grand slam tennis tournaments?",
"answers": ["Roger Federer"]},
{"question": "Who first reached the South Pole?",
"answers": ["Roald Amundsen"]},
{"question": "Who is Superman?",
"answers": ["Clark Kent"]},
{"question": "Who is Batman's sidekick?",
"answers": ["Robin"]},
{"question": "Who was Edmund Hillary's partner on the first summit of Everest?",
"answers": ["Tenzing Norgay"]},
{"question": "Who was the first person to climb Everest solo without Oxygen?",
"answers": ["Reinhold Messner"]},
{"question": "Who wrote Walden?",
"answers": ["Thoreau", "Henry David Thoreau"]},
{"question": "Who won the 1982 World Series?",
"answers": ["Saint Louis Cardinals", "St Louis Cardinals", "St. Louis Cardinals"]},
{"question": "Who framed Roger Rabbit?",
"answers": ["Judge Doom"]},
{"question": "Who discovered radium?",
"answers": ["Marie and Pierre Cury", "the Curies"]},
{"question": "Who has sold the most musical albums?",
"answers": ["the Beatles"]},
{"question": "Who killed John Lennon?",
"answers": ["Mark Chapman", "Mark David Chapman"]},
{"question": "Who founded the Ubuntu Foundation?",
"answers": ["Mark Shuttleworth"]},
{"question": "Who first circumnavigated the Earth?",
"answers": ["Ferdinand Magellan", "Magellan"]},
{"question": "Who discovered the principle of general covariance?",
"answers": ["Einstein", "Albert Einstein"]},
{"question": "Who won Wimbledon in 2008?",
"answers": ["Rafa Nadal", "Rafael Nadal"]},
{"question": "Who wrote 'The last days of Socrates'?",
"answers": ["Plato"]},
{"question": "Who was the world's first billionaire?",
"answers": ["John D. Rockafeller"]},
{"question": "Who composed 'Yesterday'?",
"answers": ["Paul McCartney"]},
{"question": "Who beat Carl Lewis in the 1988 Olympic hundred meters?",
"answers": ["Ben Johnson"]},
{"question": "Who penned the Hobbit?",
"answers": ["Tolkien", "J. R. R. Tolkien",
"John Ronald Rheul Tolkien"]},
{"question": "Who founded Google?",
"answers": ["Larry Page", "Sergey Brin", "Page and Brin", "Brin and Page",
"Larry Page and Sergey Brin", "Sergey Brin and Larry Page"]},
{"question": "Who ran the first four-minute mile?",
"answers": ["Roger Bannister"]},
{"question": "Who won the tennis grand slam in 1962?",
"answers": ["Rod Laver"]},
{"question": "Who invented the C programming language?",
"answers": ["Dennis Ritchie"]},
{"question": "Who invented Lisp?",
"answers": ["John McCarthy"]},
{"question": "Who is the fastest runner in the world?",
"answers": ["Usain Bolt"]},
{"question": "Who was the first man on the moon?",
"answers": ["Neil Armstrong"]},
{"question": "Who was the command module pilot on the Apollo 11 moon mission?",
"answers": ["Michael Collins"]},
{"question": "Who directed the 1997 movie Titanic?",
"answers": ["James Cameron", "Jim Cameron"]},
{"question": "Who wrote the James Bond novels?",
"answers": ["Ian Fleming", "Ian Lancaster Fleming"]}