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Changed shelve so writeback=True, giving more reliable behaviour.

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commit 417da6a718fa7814d8da724b56cdfe2a4d8e8327 1 parent b9f2c5e
@mnielsen authored
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@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ def check_environment_variables_exist(*args):
# The keys in `clusters` are the `cluster_names`, and the values will
# be Cluster objects, defined below, which represent named EC2
# clusters.
-clusters ="ec2.shelf")
+clusters ="ec2.shelf", writeback=True)
class Cluster():
@@ -278,12 +278,6 @@ def kill(cluster_name, instance_index):
if cluster_name not in clusters:
print "No cluster with the name %s exists. Exiting." % cluster_name
- # We need to be careful when dealing with clusters[cluster_name].
- # Because of how shelve internals work, this object can actually
- # change id when referred to in multiple places in the program.
- # For that reason we introduce a new variable, cluster, bound to
- # one object id. We then mutate that, and at the end reassign it
- # to clusters[cluster_name].
cluster = clusters[cluster_name]
if instance_index < 0 or instance_index >= len(cluster.instances):
print ("The instance index must be between 0 and %s. Exiting." %
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