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Load the MNIST and RMNIST image data. Can also be used to generate
RMNIST data sets. When run from the command line the program generates
#### Libraries
# Standard library
import cPickle
import gzip
import random
random.seed(619) # use a standard seed to make repeatable
# Third-party libraries
import numpy as np
def load_data(n=0, expanded=False, abstract=False):
"""Return the RMNIST/n data as a tuple containing the training data,
the validation data, and the test data. Note that n=0 corresponds
to the MNIST data set, of 50,000 training images, 10,000
validation images, and 10,000 test images.
If the expanded flag is set, use the expanded data sets generated
by This does not work for n=0.
If the abstract flag is set, instead of using the raw pixel data,
use the abstract features generated by
if not abstract:
if not expanded and n==0:
name = "data/mnist.pkl.gz"
if not expanded and n > 0:
name = "data/rmnist_{}.pkl.gz".format(n)
if expanded and n == 0:
name = "data/mnist_expanded.pkl.gz"
if expanded and n > 0:
name = "data/rmnist_expanded_{}.pkl.gz".format(n)
if abstract:
if not expanded and n == 0:
name = "data/mnist_abstract_features.pkl.gz"
if not expanded and n > 0:
name = "data/rmnist_abstract_features_{}.pkl.gz".format(n)
if expanded and n == 0:
raise Exception(
"No support for expanded full MNIST abstract features")
if expanded and n > 0:
name = "data/rmnist_abstract_features_expanded_{}.pkl.gz".format(n)
f =, 'rb')
training_data, validation_data, test_data = cPickle.load(f)
return (training_data, validation_data, test_data)
def make_rmnist(n=10):
"""Make a subset of MNIST using n training examples of each digit and
save into data/rmnist_n.pkl.gz, together with the complete
validation and test sets.
td, vd, ts = load_data()
indices = range(50000)
values = [(j, td[1][j]) for j in indices]
indices_subset = [[v[0] for v in values if v[1] == j][:n]
for j in range(10)]
flattened_indices = [i for sub in indices_subset for i in sub]
td0_prime = [td[0][j] for j in flattened_indices]
td1_prime = [td[1][j] for j in flattened_indices]
td_prime = (td0_prime, td1_prime)
f ='data/rmnist_'+str(n)+'.pkl.gz', 'wb')
cPickle.dump((td_prime, vd, ts), f)
if __name__ == "__main__":