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adding todo list for myself to not lose track of

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+Script: MySQL tuner script:
+ - Build on existing RackerHacker's mysqltuner perl script.
+ - Add on any extra
+1. Standardize the script in general
+2. Avoid using backticks, system wherever if possible.
+3. Initialise everything into variables including commands
+4. Remove hard coding
+5. Provide additional tuning hooks as and when necessary.
+ MySQLTuner is great in itself, it provides almost all the array of performance tuning parameters check
+ in general. I am just adding on top of it, according to my requirements or as I see it fit.
+Additional hooks:-
+1. check query_cache_type and query_cache_size
+ check if query_cache_type is enabled then check the cache size.
+ check individual query cache limit size
+2. sort buffer size
+ should be max connections * sort_buffer_size to be free in memory
+3. If isam tables or myisam is on
+ myisam_sort_buffer_size
+4. WARN innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit-1: InnoDB is not
+ configured in strictly ACID mode.
+5. log_warnings must be set greater than 1
+6. log_bin should be enabled for point-in-time recovery and replication.
+7. sync_bin_log
+8. innodb commit trx variables, innodb performance related variables
+9. Skip-networking if not needed, decide dynamic if there are not any inet/external connected hosts.
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