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This is a IRC bot with various bot plug-ins.

There are currently these plugins:

Ascii bot

Scroll ascii art

Cowsay bot

Make a cow say something

Google bot

Return a link to the first google result for a query

Help bot

Scroll a list of commands


Op a paticular user when the command is given

Roulette Bot

A user has a 1 in 6 chance of being kicked from the room. If the user successfully executes this command 12 times in a row without being kicked, the user is given op status.

Slap bot

Allow users to slap other users. Everytime a user is slapped, 10 hp is taken away. Once the user reaches 0 hp, he or she is kicked from the room. Users may also heal other users in increments of 10. A user may check his or her hp with the hp command.

Tiny URL bot

Respond with a tiny url for a long url sent to the room.

Urban bot

Return the first defintion of a word or phrase from Urban Dictionary.


The following are required for running irc_bots (Ubuntu/Debian):

sudo apt-get install ruby1.8-dev ruby1.8 ri1.8 rdoc1.8 irb1.8
sudo apt-get install libreadline-ruby1.8 libruby1.8 libopenssl-ruby
sudo apt-get install libxslt-dev libxm12-dev
gem install nokogiri
gem install cinch

You also are required to provide the necessary credentials to access the server in a creds.rb file in the project root directory. The creds.rb should have the following format:

class Creds 
  def self.server 
    "irc server location" 

  def self.nick 

  def self.password 

  def self.channels 
    ["#channel1", "#channel2"]