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This is a web app that uses google sheets as a database to create a book list. All you need is a google sheet and this code to be hosted someplace and you can create your own book list.

Getting Started

  1. Fork this or just download the code I don't care.
  2. Create a google sheet with the following columns
  • title - title of the book
  • author - author of the book
  • year that i read - year when you read the book
  • is collection - if the book is a collection of books (good for scifi/fantasy)
  • image url - url for some image you want to use for the book
  • book cover - this is internally used by me to render the image to make sure the url works (used =IMAGE('image url column', 1)).
  • synopsis - your thoughts about the book
  1. fill in your data (This is the time consuming part)
  2. publish the sheet (can't use it as a database if the data isn't available)
  3. change publicSpreadsheetUrl to be your shared spreadsheet url.
  4. sit back and watch all of your users adore you for reading books.