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MNMLSTC Core is a small and easy to use C++11 library that adds a functionality set that will be available in C++14 and later, as well as some useful additions, or some proposals that have not been completely approved yet.

Information on installing and using MNMLSTC Core can be found in its documentation.

MNMLSTC Core is released under the Apache 2.0 License. Build scripts provided by MNMLSTC Core are released under the CC0 1.0 Universal License.


Some components provided by MNMLSTC Core are:

  • variant<Ts...>
  • optional<T>
  • expected<T>
  • deep_ptr<T>
  • poly_ptr<T>
  • string_view
  • range<T>
  • any

Details on each component can be found in MNMLSTC Core's documentation. All of the MNMLSTC Core components reside in the core namespace. The library is organized equivalent to the standard library e.g., components related to memory are in the memory header, functional components in the functional header, etc.


There are several requirements to fully use MNMLSTC Core:

  • A C++11 compliant compiler (GCC 4.8.1 or Clang 3.4 meet the minimum feature set required to build and use MNMLSTC Core)
  • CMake 3.0.0

Additionally, to develop or package MNMLSTC Core, the following are required:

Sphinx and the Guzzle Sphinx Theme are only necessary if generating documentation manually to be included with the package.

WiX Toolset is only required if building packages for Windows.