[DEPRECATED] A C++11 unit testing framework
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MNMLSTC Unittest is a C++11 unit testing framework. It focuses on being small, minimal, expressive, and easy to use. Unlike most C++ unit testing frameworks which rely on preprocessor macros, unittest tries to take a page from the python unittest module, and as such it has no preprocessor macros.

Information on installing and using unittest (as well as modifying its internals) can be found in its documentation.

MNMLSTC Unittest is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Basic Example

Below is a basic example of how unittest can be used:

#include <unittest/unittest.hpp>

int main () {
  using namespace unittest;

  test("my-test") = {
    task("assert-equal") = [] {
      assert::not_equal(1, 2);
      assert::in(1, { 1, 2, 3, 4 });
      assert::throws<my_exception_type>([] { throw my_exception_type; });
    task("fails") = [] { assert::fail(); },
    task("skip") = skip("always-skip") = [] { assert::fail(); }



There are several requirements to fully use unittest:

Sphinx and the Cloud Sphinx Theme are only necessary if generating the documentation manually, and this is not provided by the build script at this time.