Crochet fox costumes for your mobile devices
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Handmade fox costumes for your mobile devices

This repository contains instructions and guides for handmade (crochet) fox costumes for mobile devices.

Capinha versão 2 #crochet #keon #firefoxos


The project started after the first model, developed by me for a Keon Geeksphone phone at Campus Party was born (see CHANGELOG for the full history) and I decided to share the concept and instructions with the world.

Firefox OS (by Mozilla) and the orange developer phone (by Geeksphone) was my inspirations for creating this mobile phone case-costume. So I figured that it would be a shame to not release the instructions in anything less than an open source manner as well.

This phone case celebrates the open web, the hacking culture of DIY makers and the freedom of the crochet crafters (a crochet hook is a powerful 3D printer).

License (to love)

♡ 2013 by Fabricio C Zuardi and AUTHORS. Please copy.

Contribute / Support

Send patches and pull requests

If you've made any improvement or a cool fork or a new model based on this project, please send your contributions as pull requests or open a new ticket on the issues tracker telling us about it.

Buy costumes

Although the source is free, you can also order finished costumes if you want to support the development and our local craft partners.

Drop me an email with your city/location and the quantity of your order to receive a quotation.


You can also support the development with money donations via Paypal (