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Notes for Packagers and System Integrators
- The option "--enable-debug" and/or "--enable-backtrace" makes uim
(in accurately, underlying SigScheme interpreter) quite
heavy. Please keep them unspecified for normal library
- Use the bundled SigScheme, and do not depend on external SigScheme
package. Since the SigScheme interpreter is completely embedded into
libuim without linking to libsscm, and exposing no
SigScheme-specific symbols regardless of environment-dependent
symbol exportation control existence such as -export-symbols of
libtool or version script of ld, no conflict with libsscm occurs
- libuim links to libgcroots although SigScheme is embedded into
libuim. Although libgcroots is also bundled in uim, it should be
managed as a separated package since both libsscm and libuim which
provided by separated package depends on it. Add
'--with-libgcroots=installed' to configure options for uim to
disable build and install of the bundled version of libgcroots
- For uim-m17nlib, the command 'uim-m17nlib-relink-icons' to import
icons from m17n-db is provided. Run it when m17n-db has been
updated. Whether making the command itself available for users or
just use it as post-package-install script is the system
integrator's choice
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