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These are some of the Internet-Drafts I've authored or contributed to.

The top-level directory contains works in progress; "Abandoned" contains drafts I'm no longer pursuing. "Published" contains those that made it into an RFC, in one manner or another.

For status, see:{draft_name}/

Giving Feedback

If the draft you want to make a comment upon specifies an e-mail list for feedback, please use that. Usually, it's in the abstract.

Otherwise, feel free to either contact me via e-mail, or to open an issue on github.

Making Contributions

If you want to submit a pull request against a draft, be aware that I use two different toolchains (depending on how old the draft is);

For older drafts, it's straight xml2rfc, and you can just use 'make' to generate the draft.

Newer drafts use kramdown-rfc2629, and you'll need to do a 'make kramdown; make'.

You can tell the difference by looking for ''.