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TCP visualisation

  • Make connection states visible:
    • handshaking
    • connected
    • half-connected
    • idle
    • disconnecting
    • buffer-full?
  • per-connection stats:
    • total packets (graph of types?)
    • congestion window (over time?)
    • receive window (over time?)
    • rtt calculation / visualisation
  • handle tcp-retransmit / tcp-reset
  • show ack relationships?

HTTP visualisation

  • relate requests to responses (for navigation / referer linking)
  • message stats
    • message delay
    • number of round trips
  • highlight unusual methods / status codes
  • click on response to open window with it
  • click on request to re-make request
  • server stall time (based upon rtt / packet sizes / psh)

Misc. Features

  • help button (modal)
  • configurable sniff port(s) in-browser
  • printing
  • trace DNS
  • show scale in round trips
  • per-server stats
  • dump pcap sessions (requires support in node_pcap)
  • magnifier, because packets get lost between the pixels

UI Tweaks

  • allow removing connections / servers, or focus on one
  • improved keyboard controls
  • allow copying from msg (e.g., url )
  • make highlighting more prominent (e.g., pulse animation?)


  • header names are case-sensitive
  • proper handling for location headers (e.g., relative)
  • need HTTP status phrase
  • some requests not drawn in firefox 3?
  • keep centre on zoom
  • IE capture caching
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