Weak ETags not properly processed #113

ache opened this Issue Aug 11, 2012 · 2 comments

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When weak ETag used (like this):
ETag: W/"3fa051-31-4c4b16eae1300"
redbot produce warning:
"The response body is different when content negotiation happens."
According to specs weak ETags does not assume exact byte-to-byte equivalence, only semantic equivalence, so checking body's md5 for two requests, as redbot currently does, have no sense for weak ETags. Moreover, redbot stops all further checks when md5 is not equal and just return.
Please fix this bug.


Yep, makes sense; will try to get it in soon. Thanks for the report!


Isn't this the same as #109?

@mnot mnot closed this in cfd3b2a Dec 4, 2012
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