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#!/usr/bin/env python
Event utilities, including:
* EventEmitter - in the style of Node.JS.
* on - a decorator for making functions and methods listen to events.
from collections import defaultdict
from typing import Any, Callable, Dict, List
class EventEmitter(object):
An event emitter, in the style of Node.JS.
def __init__(self) -> None:
self.__events = defaultdict(list) # type: Dict[str, List[Callable]]
self.__sink = None # type: object
def __getstate__(self) -> Dict[str, Any]:
state = self.__dict__.copy()
del state["_EventEmitter__events"]
return state
def on(self, event: str, listener: Callable) -> None:
Call listener when event is emitted.
self.emit('newListener', event, listener)
def once(self, event: str, listener: Callable) -> None:
Call listener the first time event is emitted.
def mycall(*args):
self.removeListener(event, mycall)
self.on(event, mycall)
def removeListener(self, event: str, listener: Callable) -> None:
Remove a specific listener from an event.
If called for a specific listener by a previous listener
for the same event, that listener will not be fired.
self.__events.get(event, [listener]).remove(listener)
def removeListeners(self, *events: str) -> None:
Remove all listeners from an event; if no event
is specified, remove all listeners for all events.
If called from an event listener, other listeners
for that event will still be fired.
if events:
for event in events:
self.__events[event] = []
self.__events = defaultdict(list)
def listeners(self, event: str) -> List[Callable]:
Return a list of listeners for an event.
return self.__events.get(event, [])
def events(self) -> List[str]:
Return a list of events being listened for.
return list(self.__events)
def emit(self, event: str, *args) -> None:
Emit the event (with any given args) to
its listeners.
events = self.__events.get(event, [])
if len(events):
for e in events:
sink_event = getattr(self.__sink, event, None)
if sink_event:
def sink(self, sink: object) -> None:
If no listeners are found for an event, call
the method that shares the event's name (if present)
on the event sink.
self.__sink = sink
# TODO: event bubbling
def on(obj: object, event: str=None) -> Callable:
Decorator to call a function when an object emits
the specified event.
def wrap(funk):
obj.on(event or funk.__name__, funk)
return funk
return wrap