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Enhancing spotify by using telegram
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Adding missing features to spotify by using a telegram bot


The spotify client has two major weaknesses:

1. No ist of recently played tracks

There's no way to show the last played track(s) - instead the recently played playlists (as if that would be hard to remember) are shown. This is more than annoying - if spotiy forgets the current title (and it does so regulary, especially when using spotify connect) there's no built-in way to see at which position in the current playlist playback stopped. If you know the playlist by heart, you may remember, but if you are using relatively new/fresh playlist, it's pure guesswork.

2. No bookmarks

Related to the missing list of recenlty played tracks: Suppose you want to interrupt your current playlist and temporarily switch to something different, say, you're listening to an audio book and want to perform some workout using your workout playlist. After that you want to continue listening to your audio book, but where exactly did you stop? A bookmark would solve this problem, but there's no such feature in spotify.

Both features have been requested in the past (Playhistory, 2014(!), Bookmarks, 2016) but to the current date, both features has not been added. Oh, there are workarounds like using, sending yourself a WhatsApp message with the title you wand to "bookmark", but this is ridicolous - I consider both to be essential features in any player.

Well, to mitigate this there's spottelbot - a telegram bot interacting with spotify so you always access your recently played tracks or set bookmarks. For example

  • /last 5: Will give you 5 recently played tracks
  • /last 2-50: Shows you the recently played tracks starting at 2, ending at 50 (max)
  • /mark mybookmark 1: sets a bookmark named "mybookmark" with the value of the last played track
  • /list: Shows the bookmarks set
  • /help: Shows you all available commands


Before using the bot, you have to manually do certain steps, they are described in

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