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Send zabbix alert to matrix channels
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A small python script for sending zabbix alerts to matrix channels

To use it you have to do perform the following steps:

  1. Register a new matrix account (or use an existing one). You can even do this by curl (
  2. Invite the account to the channels (public/private, whatever) where you'd like to receive the alers
  3. Enter your credentials (inkcuding the URL to the homserver where you've registered the matrix account) in a file named matrix.conf (see matrix.conf.example). This file should go to the zabbix' homedirectory
  4. Check the repo out as user zabbix and install zabbix2matrix by pip: pip install --user .
  5. Create a symlink, so zabbix can use the script: ln -s /var/lib/zabbix/home/.local/bin/zabbix2matrix /var/lib/zabbix/alertscripts/ (YMMV on your installation)
  6. Add a new Media Type in zabbix (call it for example Matrix). Type Script, Scriptname zabbix2matrix, add three parameters: First {ALERT.SENDTO}, Second {ALERT.SUBJECT}, Third {ALERT.MESSAGE}
  7. After hat you can add to your user(s) the Matrix media. Send to is the ID (or alias) of the matrix channel(s) where you want to receive alerts. You can add more than one, seperated by whitespaces or colons. However, you have to make sure that the zabbix user is able to join the channel (by inviting it first).

Have fun :-)

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