Emacs - Watch the current display for changes (ie plugging in a monitor) and run a hook.
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Emacs dispwatch

This package watches the current display geometry (pixel width and height) and gives your hook a call if it changes. Intended use case is plugging/unplugging a monitor.


Require or use-package this. Make a hook function which takes one argument, a new display string like "1024x768". Add your hook to dispwatch-display-change-hooks'. You will get called when that changes, eg by removing or adding a monitor. Then call dispwatch-enable' to get started and `dispwatch-disable' to stop.


(defun my-display-changed-hook (disp)
  (cond ((equalp disp "3840x1080")   ; laptop + ext monitor
	 (setq font-size-pt 10))
	((equalp disp "1920x1080")      ; just laptop
	 (setq font-size-pt 12))))

(add-to-list 'load-path (expand-file-name "~/prj/dispwatch/"))

(use-package dispwatch
  :config (progn
	  (add-hook 'dispwatch-display-change-hooks #'my-display-changed-hook)


  • Elpa/melpa package?
  • This could be included as part of ewmctrl, more generally saving and restoring different sets of window configurations as the geometry changes. I have an open issue with those guys to discuss. Alternatively, this package can also stand by itself and be used by a window saver/restorer.