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Attribute VB_Name = "loader"
Option Explicit
' This file is part of the Minnesota Population Center's VBA libraries project.
' For copyright and licensing information, see the NOTICE and LICENSE files
' in this project's top-level directory, and also on-line at:
' Module dependencies:
' bootstrap
' conf
' The list of full paths to all the modules in the add-in. They are in the
' order that they are imported into the development version of the add-in.
' Each path is also indexed by the module's name (i.e., what's specified by
' its Attribute VB_Name).
Public ModulePaths As Collection
Public Sub LoadToolkitModules()
End Sub
' Initialize ModulePaths with the 3 modules that are initially in the add-in
Private Sub InitializeModulePaths()
Set ModulePaths = New Collection
Dim component
For Each component In ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents
If component.Type = STANDARD_MODULE_TYPE Then
Dim module_path As String
If component.Name = bootstrap.ConfModule_Name Then
module_path = bootstrap.ConfModule_Path
ElseIf component.Name = bootstrap.LoaderModule_Name Then
module_path = bootstrap.LoaderModule_Path
' Only other module is the bootstrap one
module_path = PathInThisWorkbookDir(bootstrap.MODULE_FILENAME)
End If
ModulePaths.Add module_path, component.Name
End If
Next component
End Sub
' Import all the other modules in the toolkit
Private Sub LoadModules()
Dim module_file_names() As String
module_file_names = Split(conf.MODULE_FILENAMES, "|")
With ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents
Dim i As Integer
For i = LBound(module_file_names) To UBound(module_file_names)
Dim module_path As String
module_path = PathInThisWorkbookDir(module_file_names(i))
Dim imported_module
Set imported_module = .Import(module_path)
ModulePaths.Add module_path, imported_module.Name
Next i
End With
End Sub
Public Function PathInThisWorkbookDir(file_name As String) As String
PathInThisWorkbookDir = ThisWorkbook.Path & Application.PathSeparator _
& file_name
End Function