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Attribute VB_Name = "menu_library"
Option Explicit
' This file is part of the Minnesota Population Center's VBA libraries project.
' For copyright and licensing information, see the NOTICE and LICENSE files
' in this project's top-level directory, and also on-line at:
' Add a custom menu to the worksheet menu bar. The definition of the menu
' is a sequence of strings; for example:
' # Menu definition
' Foo | FooMacro
' Bar | BarMacro
' ---------
' Compression ==>
' Normal | CompressData "Normal"
' Fast | CompressData "Fast"
' Best | CompressData "Best"
' -------
' Version | DisplayVersion
' Blank lines are ignored. A comment line has "#" as the first non-whitespace
' character. Comment lines are also ignored. A submenu of the custom menu is
' is denoted with a "==>" at the end of line.
' A menu item (for the cusotm menu or one of its submenus) has the format:
' menu item caption | action
' The action is the value assigned to the menu item's OnAction property. It
' is the name of the macro to execute, along with any necessary arguments.
' Menu items for the custom menu are not indented. The items for submenus
' must be indented at least 4 spaces.
' A separator in a menu (custom or submenu) is represented by a line with at
' least 4 "-" (hyphens). Extra hyphens can be used for readability. A
' submenu separator must be indented at least 4 spaces.
Sub AddCustomMenu(menuName As String, definition() As String, _
Optional insertBefore As String = "")
Dim helpMenu As CommandBarControl
Dim customMenu As CommandBarControl
Dim mainMenuBar As CommandBar
Set mainMenuBar = Application.CommandBars("Worksheet Menu Bar")
If insertBefore = "" Then
' By default, look up Help menu by its control id since its name
' is language-dependent
Set helpMenu = mainMenuBar.FindControl(ID:=30010)
Set helpMenu = mainMenuBar.Controls(insertBefore)
End If
Set customMenu = mainMenuBar.Controls.Add(Type:=msoControlPopup, _
customMenu.Caption = menuName
Dim line As String
Dim i As Long
Dim currentSubMenu As CommandBarControl
Dim addSeparator As Boolean
addSeparator = False
For i = LBound(definition) To UBound(definition)
line = definition(i)
If IsBlank(line) Or IsComment(line) Then
' Ignore blank lines and comment lines
ElseIf Right(line, 3) = "==>" Then
' Submenu ends with "==>"
With customMenu.Controls
Set currentSubMenu = .Add(Type:=msoControlPopup)
End With
With currentSubMenu
.Caption = Trim(Replace(line, "==>", ""))
.BeginGroup = addSeparator
End With
addSeparator = False
ElseIf Left(LTrim(line), 4) = "----" Then
' Add separator above the next menu item in the definition
addSeparator = True
' New menu item for either current submenu or the custom menu
Dim isSubmenuItem As Boolean
isSubmenuItem = StartsWith(line, " ")
Dim menu As CommandBarControl
Set menu = IIf(isSubmenuItem, currentSubMenu, customMenu)
Dim menuItem As CommandBarControl
Set menuItem = menu.Controls.Add(Type:=msoControlButton)
' line format = menu item caption | action
Dim fields() As String
fields = Split(Trim(line), "|")
Dim itemCaption As String
itemCaption = Trim(fields(0))
Dim itemAction As String
itemAction = Trim(fields(1))
With menuItem
.Caption = itemCaption
.OnAction = "'" & itemAction & "'"
.BeginGroup = addSeparator
End With
addSeparator = False
End If
End Sub
Function StartsWith(str_ As String, prefix As String) As Boolean
StartsWith = Left(str_, Len(prefix)) = prefix
End Function
Function IsBlank(line As String) As Boolean
IsBlank = RTrim(line) = ""
End Function
Function IsComment(line As String) As Boolean
IsComment = Left(LTrim(line), 1) = "#"
End Function
Public Sub RemoveCustomMenu(menuName As String)
With Application.CommandBars("Worksheet Menu Bar")
Dim ctrl As CommandBarControl
For Each ctrl In .Controls
If ctrl.Caption = menuName Then
End If
Next ctrl
End With
End Sub