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Attribute VB_Name = "toolkit"
Option Explicit
' This file is part of the Minnesota Population Center's VBA libraries project.
' For copyright and licensing information, see the NOTICE and LICENSE files
' in this project's top-level directory, and also on-line at:
' Module dependencies:
' bootstrap (CurrentMode, ToolkitMode, CurrentEdition, ToolkitEdition)
' conf
' menu_definition
' menu
' Date when the production version was built
Public Const BUILD_DATE_FORMAT = "mmmm d, yyyy"
Public BuildDate As String
' Cell where build date & time of production version is stored.
' Even add-ins have at least 1 worksheet
Public Const BUILT_WHEN_CELL = "$A$1"
' Toolkit's base file name without edition marker (_DEV|_PROD) and extension
Public BaseFileName As String
Public Sub Initialize()
If CurrentMode = ToolkitMode.Development Then
toolkit.BuildDate = "Development version"
toolkit.BaseFileName = Replace(ThisWorkbook.Name, "_DEV.xlam", "")
Dim builtWhen As Date
builtWhen = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1).Range(BUILT_WHEN_CELL).Value
toolkit.BuildDate = Format(builtWhen, BUILD_DATE_FORMAT)
If CurrentEdition = ToolkitEdition.BuiltProduction Then
toolkit.BaseFileName = Replace(ThisWorkbook.Name, "_PROD.xlam", "")
toolkit.BaseFileName = Replace(ThisWorkbook.Name, ".xlam", "")
End If
End If
Application.Run conf.ADDITIONAL_INIT_MACRO
End If
Dim menu_defn() As String
If menu_definition.LoadIntoArray(menu_defn) Then
CreateToolkitMenu menu_defn
End If
End Sub
Public Sub Auto_Close()
End Sub
Public Sub StoreBuildDateTime(date_time As Date)
ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1).Range(BUILT_WHEN_CELL).Value = date_time
End Sub
Public Sub DisplayVersion()
MsgBox BuildDate & " (" & conf.VERSION_STR & ").", vbOKOnly, _
End Sub