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Language Models for Lexical Inference in Context

This repository contains the code and instructions to reproduce the results from the EACL 2021 long paper "Language Models for Lexical Inference in Context".

If this code is useful for your work, please consider citing:

    title = "Language Models for Lexical Inference in Context",
    author = {Schmitt, Martin  and
      Sch{\"u}tze, Hinrich},
    booktitle = "Proceedings of the 16th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Main Volume",
    month = apr,
    year = "2021",
    address = "Online",
    publisher = "Association for Computational Linguistics",
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    pages = "1267--1280"


Levy/Holt and SherLIiC (including data splits)

The data set splits as used in the experiments can be downloaded from here. After extraction, the data should be organized into a directory structure like this (the 'patterns' directory is already part of this repository):

├── levy_holt
│   ├── dev.txt
│   ├── test.txt -> ../../raw/levy_holt/test_s2.txt
│   └── train.txt
├── patterns
│   ├── levyholt-neg.txt
│   ├── levyholt-pos.txt
│   ├── sherliic-neg.txt
│   ├── sherliic-pos-curated-args.txt
│   ├── sherliic-pos-curated.txt
│   └── sherliic-pos.txt
└── sherliic
    ├── dev.csv
    ├── test.csv -> ../../raw/sherliic/test.csv
    └── train.csv

Patterns from Wikipedia

The pattern files (in data/patterns) are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. CC BY-SA 4.0



Training a model is done with the following two commands:

  1. src/train/ for the NLI model
  2. src/train/ for the pattern-based models

Here is an example for training a RoBERTa-base AUTPAT5 model that uses antipatterns on the Levy/Holt data:

CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=<gpu_num> python3 -m src.train.multnat_model --gpus 0 --model_name_or_path roberta-base --experiment_name roberta-base_autpat5-wanti_levy-holt --num_train_epochs 5 --checkpoint_dir checkpoints/ --gradient_accumulation_steps 2 --learning_rate 3.82e-5 --train_batch_size 10 --weight_decay 4.02e-5 --pattern_file data/patterns/levyholt-pos.txt --antipattern_file data/patterns/levyholt-neg.txt --best_k_patterns 5 --use_antipatterns --levy_holt --num_workers 1


  • <gpu_num>: Which GPU to use, e.g., 0
  • --levy_holt is a flag that has to be set if the data to be trained on is from the Levy/Holt data set. Otherwise the data format from SherLIiC is assumed.
  • --num_workers 1 is only needed for AUTPAT models. For MANPAT models, it can be omitted or set to a higher number.

For MANPAT models, the optional arguments --pattern_file, --antipattern_file, and --best_k_patterns simply have to be removed, i.e., without given pattern/antipattern files the handcrafted ones are the default.


You can use a model checkpoint to evaluate on its respective test split or a different data set with the following command:

CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=<gpu_num> python3 -m src.train.test <model_type> checkpoint.ckpt --gpus 0 --classification_threshold <custom_threshold> --dataset <path_to_dataset> --levy_holt --pattern_file data/patterns/pattern_files/wiki06-pos-scored-v2.txt --antipattern_file data/patterns/pattern_files/wiki06-neg-scored-v2.txt --best_k_patterns 5


  • <model_type>: One of either NLI or MultNat
  • <custom_threshold>: Some float number for classification decisions, e.g., 0.5 (see section below)
  • <path_to_dataset>: e.g., data/levy_holt/test.txt
  • --levy_holt is a flag that has to be set if the data to be evaluated on is from the Levy/Holt data set. Otherwise the data format from SherLIiC is assumed.
  • The optional arguments --pattern_file, --antipattern_file, and --best_k_patterns are only relevant, when an AUTPAT model is to be evaluated, and should otherwise be omitted.
  • If the optional --dataset argument is not given, the default is to evaluate on the respective test set.

Write Scores / Tune Classification Threshold

When you want to tune a classification threshold yourself, you first have to write out the raw scores of a trained model like this:

CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=<gpu_num> python3 -m src.train.write_scores MultNat checkpoint.ckpt score_file.tsv --gpus 0

This score_file.tsv corresponds, by default, to the respective dev set and can be used to find the best threshold like this:

python3 src/train/ score_file.tsv

If you want to produce the score file for different data than the dev set, you can use the same arguments to specify a data set as explained above for the test script.

Error Analysis

Score files, whose creation is explained in the previous section, can also be used for qualitative error analysis.

  1. scr/analysis/ lists false positives and false negatives together with their scores and line numbers.
  2. src/analysis/ allows to quickly compare the predictions of multiple models on a single example (like Table 6), given the line number of said example.

Additional Results on Transfer Learning

The main paper does not investigate how well a model trained on one data set performs on the other. Here we present more results on that (the results are also available in the appendix). Note that in this setting we assume that the target data set is not available at all, i.e., we do not use it at all - neither for finding patterns in AUTPAT nor for tuning the classification threshold. We use the standard thresholds, i.e., 0.5 for NLI and 0.0 for the pattern-based methods.

Trained on SherLIiC, evaluated on Levy/Holt test

RoBERTa-base AUC Prec Rec F1
NLI 38.4 52.7 57.1 54.8
MANPAT ΦΨ 46.1 64.0 45.4 53.1
MANPAT Φ 32.4 32.4 94.5 48.2
AUTPAT-5 ΦΨ 18.7 40.5 35.0 37.6
AUTPAT-5 Φ 21.3 28.3 62.3 38.9
RoBERTa-large AUC Prec Rec F1
NLI 37.8 31.0 96.4 46.9
MANPAT ΦΨ 70.4 39.6 95.3 56.0
MANPAT Φ 38.9 25.6 98.3 40.6
AUTPAT-5 ΦΨ 33.6 61.6 36.0 45.5
AUTPAT-5 Φ 9.3 30.7 76.6 43.8

Trained on Levy/Holt, evaluated on SherLIiC test

RoBERTa-base AUC Prec Rec F1
NLI 63.3 62.8 68.4 65.5
MANPAT ΦΨ 69.1 80.5 42.1 55.3
MANPAT Φ 68.4 80.1 24.2 37.2
AUTPAT-5 ΦΨ 60.3 71.5 54.5 61.9
AUTPAT-5 Φ 58.9 68.6 55.7 61.5
RoBERTa-large AUC Prec Rec F1
NLI 65.6 73.8 53.0 61.7
MANPAT ΦΨ 69.6 84.7 35.7 50.3
MANPAT Φ 72.2 89.3 30.3 45.2
AUTPAT-5 ΦΨ 62.1 68.1 57.3 62.3
AUTPAT-5 Φ 63.8 75.8 44.2 55.8


This repository contains the code for the EACL 2021 long paper "Language Models for Lexical Inference in Context".







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