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@mnucci32 mnucci32 released this May 20, 2018

Release v0.9.0

This release adds a finite rate chemistry modeling capability to Aither. Also included is a test case showing off this capability via simulation of dissociating O2 in a shock tube and a library of chemistry mechanisms.

  • Finite rate chemistry model
  • Chemistry mechanism files
  • Dissociating O2 test case
  • Bug fixes
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@mnucci32 mnucci32 released this Feb 22, 2018

  • Added multi-species capability
  • Added schmidt diffusion model
  • Bug fixes
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@mnucci32 mnucci32 released this Jun 14, 2017

Release version 0.7.0


  • Added thermally perfect gas model
  • Added ability to prescribe ICs from cloud-of-points file
  • Added AUSMPW+ inviscid flux scheme
  • Bug fixes
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@mnucci32 mnucci32 released this May 1, 2017

This release includes general maintenance and bug fixes as well as the following:

  • Periodic boundary conditions
  • Couette flow test case
  • Wall functions for turbulent flows
  • Wall function test case
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@mnucci32 mnucci32 released this Feb 6, 2017

Release v0.5.0

Adds in the following:

  • Restart capability
  • High order WENO and WENO-Z inviscid reconstruction
  • 4th order central viscous reconstruction
  • Compatibility for c-grids
  • Sod's shock tube test case
  • RAE2822 transonic airfoil test case
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@mnucci32 mnucci32 released this Oct 15, 2016

This release changes the indices for the boundary conditions in the input files to start at 0 instead of 1.
There is also a bug fix for the explicit solvers.

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@mnucci32 mnucci32 released this Oct 2, 2016

Patch release to incorporate cmake build system.

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@mnucci32 mnucci32 released this Sep 23, 2016

This release adds features for additional implicit solvers. LU-SGS, BLU-SGS, DPLUR, and BDPLUR are now available. This release also includes bug fixes and general maintenance.

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Apr 28, 2016
Minor release 0.2.0
This release adds the functionality of an additional implicit solver (DP-LUR), as well as
preparing the code for implementation of block matrix implicit methods.
General maintenance and bug fixes are included as well.
Jan 21, 2016
First release!
Explicit/implicit RANS solver with Wilcox K-Omega and SST turbulence models.
LU-SGS method used for implicit solver.