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Unreliable Datagram Transport Filesystem (currently broken)
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=== BUSFS ===

BusFS is intended to be an IPC method using files in the unix way of doing

The basic design principle is to maintain a ringbuffer for each 'file'.
The ringbuffer will contain a log of 'datagrams' or 'messages' of a
set size (or up to a set size). The messages are implicitly delimited
by newlines (0xa), but an option to change the delimiter or to set
a message length in advanced may be provided.

Why another messaging/IPC system? Two answers:

1) Simplicity:
    While other IPC systems may be higher performance, they often require
    the using of special APIs to accomplish these goals. Thus in order to
    make a specific process use an IPC system, it needs to be rewritten
    or wrapped to that effect.

    BusFS operates using standard read(2) and write(2) system calls. This
    means that it's possible to create a 'message queue' using things as
    simple as shell scripting.

2) Deployment:
    There is no need for a socket server or a specific daemon to be running.
    The filesystem need only be 'mounted', and normal operation can commence.
    As long as your platform can run fuse (and glib), it can run BusFS.


BusFS requires FUSE 2.6 or greater, and glib. You should have the development
packages installed for those libraries.

BusFS currently requires a real-filesytem backing to maintain directory
structure. So you should probably modify the Makefile and change the
PATHDEFINES variables to your liking.

Once the variables have been put into place you can do:

    make run

where 'make run' will mount the filesystem in the 'mountpoint' directory
of the source directory

=== BUGS ===

I've spent very little time writing, so this is just a list of bugs
I've recognized while writing (and there are probably more).

- Will leak memory - not for production use (yet).

- reading from a new file will return ERANGE the first time

- Sending a SIGINT to the main process will hang the filesystem
    if there is another process in middle of an I/O operation

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